Winter is approaching

Winter is approaching

Here are some simple ways to keep warm this winter. These are easy to do and cost nothing. By just being aware and making an effort in your home reinforces positive thinking and will influence those around you.


  • Block the drafts coming through the bottom of your doors by using old fashioned rolls or even use towels rolled up. Or simply fill a stocking with sand, works perfectly.
  • Block the vents by covering them with paper and tape, take them down after the winter.
  • Seal your fireplace if you are not using it – prevents that cold air coming into the home.
  • Place tin foil, shiny side out, behind your heaters. Adds more heat to the room.
  • Try and cover bare floors with carpeting, rugs, mats, all help.
  • Try and find heavy thick curtains for draping through the winter, you can always take them down for summer.
  • Close doors on all rooms not in use. So heat only the rooms you are living in.
  • Keep windows closed.
  • Hang washing up indoors, adds to humidity in the rooms.
  • Place heaters under shelves to create circuit of warm air.
  • Let the sun in all day and as soon as the sun drops, close the curtains, to keep in the warmth.
  • Low lighting and candles, creates warm impression and saves electricity.

A little more complicated but reduces carbon emissions
  • Replace bulbs with energy efficient.
  • Geyser, use a timer.
  • Use thermostats for water heating.

Around your body
  • Dress warmly, add and remove layers, shawls and gloves and socks.
  • Wear hats. We lose most of our heat through our heads.
  • Electric blankets, just to warm the bed before hopping in, then turn it off.
  • Eat and drink warm. Cooking heats up the kitchen which helps lift the temperature.
  • Work up a sweat, literally by going for a run. No gym fees, running is free.
  • Invest in a fleece blanket. Take it around the house with you from TV to bed.
  • Leave extra clothes at work, just in case the temp drops and you are unprepared.


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