Hi-tech to keep poachers out of the Kruger gates

Kruger National Parks officials fear that public gates are among their weak points in the battle against poachers, and will introduce hi-tech systems to tighten up entry over the next few months.

Poachers are believed to enter in the guise of legitimate tourists, with several people in a car. The driver exits on his own through another gate, leaving the other passengers behind in the bush.

Five of the Kruger gates are being modified with electronic systems that will scan and record ID documents, vehicle number plates and licence disks. The systems will also be able to co-ordinate with the national police databases to check if cars are stolen. Timing of entries and exits and numbers of passengers will be shared across the park networks. Once the system has been tested, it will be introduced at all gates and at other parks.

The public are urged to be patient with the additional security requirements of the new systems, and to treat them as a necessary step towards curbing poaching.

Source: SANParks Times, June 2017